Cold Carp

Winter has fully engulfed the fishery in the last few weeks, we have had gales, cold rain, frozen-hard- mornings, thunder and lightning you name it. In response to this the fishing, as could be expected, has slowed a little. Particularly so carp sport, the carp are not moving around as much in the cold water, consequently they expend little energy and thus have little need to replenish spent reserves by feeding for sustained periods of the day. What is common in this scenario however is that there will be an opportunity during the day when they are willing to feed. This can be at the warmest part of the day between 12 and 1 o’clock or even more likely, an hour before dusk. Having this information in mind, it is always useful to plan your visit to capitalize upon this period and increase the chances for reward for your endeavor. Having said that on mild winter days when conditions favor they will happily oblige for longer periods, we just never know and there it is! Some of the magic and mystic that keeps us all ‘hooked on fishing’.


Reliable Roach

The roach sport however is far more reliable. Furnace Brook continues to deliver fantastic roach fishing and is perhaps, if not the best silverfish venue in the Southeast at the moment for this reason, certainly one of them.

DSC_0276We believe there is 20lb of quality roach to be caught in most of the pegs around the venue and this is born out by the results from our increasingly popular, monthly open matches held throughout the winter months. In two different matches so far there have been 2lb.3oz and 2lb 4oz fish in nets to 40lb. There’s numerous fish between 12oz-1lb and surely, fish over the magical 3lb mark await capture. The short pole, waggler and open end feeder all produce great results, it’s just down to the angler to choose their preferred method to help them achieve a wonderful bag of glistening silverfish.

Winter bate

On the bait front – caster along with maggots, hemp and corn and perhaps a little sweet biscuit groundbait will all serve you well and should ensure you are kept busy throughout the day. Then we have fantastic big hybrid and skimmer sport all on similar tactics and methods and these fish are highly likely to turn up whilst you target the roach and along with a few surprises, there is plenty for the hardy angler to focus on and achieve on these short challenging winter days.
Matchmen, Paul Lawton & Jonny Watt with typically sized FBF skimmers.



Wrap up warm

One thing for all visiting anglers to keep in mind through the winter is the prevalent condition! Sounds obvious I know but please do wrap up warm with suitable footware and take a hot flask with you. Let a member of the family know where you are fishing and keep yours keys and have a mobile phone safe and dry. This is a natural venue and although we are improving the quality of the pegs around the lake as quickly as can be achieved, there is still plenty of surface water about and underfoot conditions can be tricky so please take care as you enjoy the wonderful sport to be had on your winter visit to Furnace Brook.


Below, a typical winter mixed bag:

Forthcoming open match contests in the New Year are as follows:

Sunday January 25th.
Sunday February 22nd.
Sunday March 29th.

On match weekends the venue is closed to day ticket anglers from dusk on the preceding Saturday to dusk on the Sunday of the contest.

We have lots of exciting plans for 2015 and everybody at Furnace Brook Fishery would like to wish the readers of the Freshwater Informer a very ‘Merry Christmas’ and a rod ‘bendingly’ fabulous ‘Happy New Year’!


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