Terry Lazell’s wonderful 2lb Furnace Brook Koi is a joy to behold.

What’s been going on at Furnace Brook this spring so far…

So far so good! It has been a very good, bright and predominantly dry spring so far and the fishing here at Furnace Brook has been exceptional. There has been just enough rain to ensure the bankside vegetation is lush and green with the flag Iris offering up her beautiful yellow flower for all to enjoy, there is certainly plenty to take in whilst you enjoy your visit to this idyllic retreat.

Visitors will have noticed the industrious workings taking place on the lakeside lodge in recent weeks and this endeavor will add real value to visiting anglers when complete. It will be a great area to ‘take five’ from the sport on hand to enjoy a coffee or some warm food whilst looking across the lake. There will also be shower facilities enabling long-stay anglers to have a freshen-up.

Improvements in this area of the lake will continue throughout the summer and we will keep you posted along the way.

Terry and Andy from Hailsham fished a day session with one rod each at the lodge end of the lake, Terry fished the method using luncheon meat hookbaits, he was rewarded with a couple of lovely common carp both weighing around 8lb, a stunning 2lb carp cross koi (pictured above). He also caught plenty of roach up to the 1lb mark. Andy fished the float in a little bay also down near the lodge end of the lake. Andy landed rudd to nearly a 1lb along with a good numbers of bream up to 3lb and was gutted to lose a good sized carp all using sweetcorn on the hook. Great angling lads and well done.

Local rod Matt joined us for a day session recently, setting up two carp rods, Matt cast his 15mm tuttie fruity boilie baits into a well spoded area of the lake. With several good carp to double figures his reward for a few hours endeavor he was very happy, especially so as it was only his second visit the venue. Well done Matt, keep up the good work.

The tactics you decide to use on your visit will obviously have a significant bearing on your success. You may have a favored technique, the method feeder for example. This is a deadly way to approach a session at Furnace Brook during the warmer months as it tends to select the better quality fish whatever the species.


Tips for a great fishing day!

Often overlooked is the mix you use, to consistently achieve good results on this tactic you will need a fine mix that breaks down and away from the frame quickly once the feeder hits the lake bed. There are all sorts available in the tackle shops and do not be afraid to experiment with colours.
Casting accuracy is vital, choose a feature or far bank marker, clip up with the reels line-clip and try your best to hit the same sport. If you feel you have made a poor cast, bring it straight back in and cast again to hit your target area.

Some of the pegs here at FBF are relatively deep in the open water maybe up to 8ft if you are fishing these areas don’t forget to give your mix a good squeeze against the feeders frame to help enable most of it to stay on the frame until the feeder hits the deck. Hookbait selection is almost endless but it is always good to carry a selection with you as invariably one will out perform another on any given day. The carp usually prefer a boilie buried in the feeder, I have done well with simple shelf-life halibut boilies but everybody will have their preference. I will nearly always start with three dead red maggots to see what is feeding in the peg. Personally I always bury the hookbait in the ground bait around the frame, I can’t see the logic of using the method and not doing this although I see plenty of anglers practicing this technique.

A medium parabolic actioned rod will see you land far more fish than an overly stiff ‘test curve’ rated example and balance your line, hook size and hook length in accordance with the size of fish you expect to catch. In the summer at FBF I will use 8-10lb breaking strain reel line with a high-tec 0.20 diameter hook length to an 16-14 sized hook pattern for hair-rigging or normal baiting. Put your spin on all of this and success with this devasting technique is sure to follow – enjoy!


Vary your colour combinations and riddle your groundbait mix for the best results.




This stunning crucian fell to the simple but effective tactics outlined above.

If you are an ‘old school’ angler looking for beautiful, peaceful surroundings with some wonderful mixed fishing this really is the venue for you, we are family friendly and look forward to welcoming you soon.


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